Northern Quarter’s Whiskey Jar Open Mic Night

Manchester has a habit of breeding a myriad of my favourite musicians. Of course the obvious suspects come to mind like Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys and Stone Roses, but also the new wave of artists emerging onto the scene. Many of which I have discovered from the Northern Quarters very own Whiskey Jar Open Mic night.

There is simply no place I’d rather be on a Tuesday night. I’m so grateful to the person who first brought me along to the event. On my initial visit I had no expectations but was never the less excited by the prospect (and slight naughtiness) of gin on an early week night. As the evening progressed, I was enamoured by each and every artist. Their voices wooed an entire space and more often than not left you with a lump in your throat. I have since been week after week and never once left early. The talent is exceptional and it’s truly enthralling to lose yourself in such profoundly personal music each week.

The controversial host is, in my opinion, an asset to the evening. Take him out of the equation and you will have lost some of its unsurpassed charm. Many may find his unfiltered behaviour and brusque hushes of the crowd slightly unsettling. But I find it shows a respect for the artists on stage; his somewhat aggressive yet amusing tone may cause a stir but the acts have the rooms undivided attention as a result. Which only adds to the atmosphere as the acoustics captivate everyone in the chilling silence. Not to mention his own incredible performance’s which set the night off.

An evening of free music is uncommon in this day and age. To experience anything remotely entertaining usually comes with a price. As much as I can’t help get the word out, I also don’t want to ruin its appeal. Nothing can ultimately compare to watching a new favourite band or singer for the first time in such an intimate setting. Whilst they’re still so raw and unmanufactured by the industry. Who doesn’t wish they could watch the Gallagher’s sing for the first time in a small venue only big enough for a handful of guests. It’s the overwhelming feeling that you’ve just witnessed something special in the making. As though you were part of the history in some way.

Whether I’m crying my eyes out or singing along, I can honestly say there is never a dull moment here. Manchester continues to reel out voices that need to be heard and it’s places like this that make it possible. So, if you’re free on a Tuesday evening and fancy some good old Northern entertainment; it’s well worth the visit.

Time: 8pm till late

Where: 14 Tariff Street, Manchester, England


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