Where to get your caffeine fix in Liverpool

If like me and the whiff of coffee is more likely to get you out of bed than bacon, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we crave it but one cup a day is not nearly enough. If I could have it on a drip, I’m not ashamed to say I would.

The pretentious hot beverage gluggers out there may not accept me in their caffeine fuelled tribe, and probably consider me a pseudo coffee lover. I guess technically they could be right. If my Americano isn’t topped with enough frothy soy milk and caramel sauce, then I’m afraid it’s ruined, and subsequently, so is my day. Rest assured, you’ll only catch me downing shots when it’s 2am and the throat burning liquid is accompanied by salt and lemon. I can already sense the eye rolls from the hot bean water sipping, espresso advocates.

Regardless of the technicalities, I’m a coffee (with frothy milk) addict and I’m pretty sure I know where’s best to get your daily fix. So here is a guide to coffee shops in Liverpool that not only whip up a good flat white but they’re also brimming with character and exude that all important homely feel.

1. Gourmet Coffee- Exchange Flags It’s not surprising with a name like Gourmet Coffee, that you are in for one hell of a quality brew. Located in the Business District, this café serves up frothy delights to the fast-paced corporate suits and budding entrepreneurs. If you’re all ‘caffeined out’, fear not, the novelty hot chocolates will fill that gap for something hot and comforting. What’s more, you have a mouth-watering choice of flavours, Nutella Hot Chocolate anyone?

2. Rococo Coffee House, Lord Street You’re probably wondering how many times you’ve walked through the town centre and never spotted this hidden gem! It’s discretely perched above the stores on Lord Street and perfect for people watching if you manage to bag a window seat. The coffee is delectable too! An all-round idyllic spot to meet friends for lunch or when popping out of the office with co-workers.

3. Moose Coffee, Dale Street Moose Coffee is the holy grail of breakfast in the North. Perhaps the only joint to rival the London Breakfast Club for its queues and pancake stacks. Hungover on a Sunday? This place is worth tearing yourself out of bed for, you can thank me later.

4. LEAF Prefer a brewed cup of English tea in the morning? Liverpool has you covered! LEAF is the tea drinkers haven; with enough tea flavours to keep you coming back for more week after week. This modern rustic tea bar flips on its head come night time, attracting the casual drinkers and foodies for a relaxed evening experience. The second floor is not only a cosy space for slogging away on your laptop at noon, but is also open for hire to suit your event hosting needs!

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